What to Do (and Not Do) During Your Initial Plastic Surgery Recovery Days

Recovering from plastic surgery is a crucial time that can impact how well you’ll heal and what kind of results you can expect. What you do before and after surgery can set you up for success both physically and mentally. 

At Pop Recovery Systems, we specialize in post-operative care and connecting women with the resources they need after cosmetic surgery. We can guide you through these initial days of plastic surgery recovery with targeted advice and comprehensive services. Whether you’re wrestling with pain management or need to know the right dietary adjustments to make, we can provide you with actionable steps for a more effective recovery period.

Our Dos and Don’ts of Plastic Surgery Recovery

Mental Health


Prioritizing your mental well-being is an often overlooked but key component of plastic surgery recovery. Engage in mindfulness techniques or light meditation to keep stress at bay, as stress can negatively affect your healing process. Open communication with healthcare providers about your emotional state can provide valuable insights into managing your mental health effectively.


Avoid isolating yourself, as this can heighten feelings of stress or anxiety during your recovery time for plastic surgery. Steer clear of mentally exhausting activities or conversations that might exacerbate emotional turmoil. Ignoring signs of emotional distress can not only delay healing but also impact your overall well-being post-surgery.

Our Mental Health Monitoring Program

For patients looking to manage their emotional well-being in the days following surgery, our mental health monitoring program offers specialized support. Licensed mental health specialists are available to guide you through various emotional hurdles you may face after surgery recovery. From breaking detrimental habits to creating new, healthier mindsets, we provide targeted strategies to aid in your holistic recovery.



Incorporating the right foods into your diet is imperative for effective nutrition for healing after surgery. Lean proteins, whole grains, and a variety of fruits and vegetables can significantly aid your body’s healing process. Staying hydrated with water and nutrient-rich fluids like herbal teas or bone broth can also speed up your recovery.


Steer clear of sugary drinks, processed foods, and excessive caffeine, as these can counteract the benefits of wound-healing foods. Avoid alcoholic beverages, as they can interfere with medication and slow down the healing process. Limiting salty foods can also prevent excessive swelling and fluid retention, which are not ideal during recovery.

Our Nutritional Counseling

We understand that each patient’s nutritional needs are unique, especially when it comes to nutrition after surgery. Our team of registered dietitians and certified nutrition coaches offer personalized guidance tailored to your specific procedure and healing needs. From customized meal plans to plant-based supplement recommendations, we aim to set you on the right path for a quicker and more effective recovery.

Physical Activity


Engaging in light, doctor-approved exercises can be beneficial in recovering from surgery faster. Gentle stretches or walks can stimulate blood flow, facilitating quicker healing. Always consult your healthcare team before incorporating any new physical activity into your regimen, as they can best advise what is safe for your specific recovery needs.


Avoid high-impact exercises, heavy lifting, and strenuous cardio routines as these activities may complicate your enhanced recovery after surgery. Skipping the consultation with your healthcare team regarding suitable activities can result in setbacks. Also, ignore the temptation to push yourself too hard or too soon; overexertion can lead to complications.

Our Personalized Post-Surgery Exercise Plans

Recognizing the role that targeted physical activity plays in post-op recovery, we offer personalized post-surgery exercise plans. These plans are crafted by experienced healthcare professionals to align with your individual needs, ensuring a balanced approach to regain strength and mobility without jeopardizing your recovery.



Creating a comfortable and clean space is important for successful plastic surgery recovery. Stock your area with essential supplies like over-the-counter medications, water, healthy snacks, and hygiene products to make your recovery as smooth as possible. Ensure that your living space is sanitized and clutter-free.


Avoid creating an environment filled with potential hazards that could impede your after-surgery recovery. Keep your living space free from obstacles that you could trip over, and avoid places that are excessively noisy or stressful, as these factors can hinder your healing process.

Our Concierge Services

To facilitate an optimal plastic surgery recovery environment, our concierge services are available to assist you with all the finer details. From arranging for recovery garments and nurse care to organizing meal delivery that aligns with your nutritional needs, we have you covered.

Medical Monitoring


Proactive medical monitoring is crucial for reducing recovery time for plastic surgery. Regularly consult with healthcare providers to track your progress and adjust your recovery plan as needed. Keeping an eye on vital signs and wound condition can help in the early identification of potential complications.


Ignoring symptoms or not following up with your medical team can hinder your post-op recovery. It’s important not to ignore medical advice or skip scheduled appointments. Don’t self-prescribe or alter medication regimens without consulting your healthcare providers, as this could result in unwanted complications.

Our Primary Care Team

Our primary care team works closely with your plastic surgeon to monitor your health during the enhanced recovery after surgery phase. We provide timely communication for any medical concerns that arise, offering professional advice to find immediate solutions. Our team aims to make sure you are healthy and well-informed throughout your recovery process.

Community Support


Incorporating a community element into your plastic surgery recovery plan can provide additional motivation and insights. Engaging with a supportive community can offer new perspectives on managing recovery and fostering a positive outlook. Share experiences, ask questions, and seek advice to facilitate a smoother recovery process.


Isolation and avoiding community interaction won’t help you learn how to recover from surgery faster. Neglecting to participate in a support community can mean missing out on valuable tips and emotional support.

Our #POPSQUAD Community

Our #POPSQUAD Community gives you lifetime access to a safe, positive, and realistic platform that further enriches your plastic surgery recovery experience. You can participate in live monthly webinars, enjoy yearly in-person events, and interact with trainers, coaches, and like-minded individuals through our group forum. This active community is a valuable resource for your ongoing recovery and well-being.

Recover Faster and Better With Post-Surgery Support

As you plan for your plastic surgery recovery, remember that the process involves various aspects like mental health, nutrition, physical activity, and more. Each of these plays an integral role in how quickly and efficiently you’ll heal. At Pop Recovery Systems, we provide comprehensive care options that cover all these facets to help you through your initial days of recovery. Serving people nationwide, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. 

For more personalized advice or to schedule a consultation, feel free to reach out to us by calling (202) 982-6723. You can also fill out the online form on our homepage to get started.