Post Surgery Depression & Anxiety Counseling

At Pop Recovery Systems, we aim to provide women with the support, guidance, tools, and resources to prepare for and recover from plastic surgery. Plastic surgery, whether reconstruction, elective, or necessary, can take a toll on physical health, but it can also significantly affect mental and emotional health. For that reason, we offer mental health counseling as part of our custom-tailored programs to ensure that women have what they need to maintain optimal emotional and mental health before and after their surgery.

What Is Mental Health Counseling?

Pop Recovery Systems serves as a resource for women, providing them with a place they can go to prepare for and maintain themselves in the healthiest way possible, both before and after surgery. Our goal is to ensure that each woman has the best physical and mental health before the procedure.

We utilize different therapists and lifestyle coaches to customize individual treatment plans for women undergoing plastic surgery so that they can remain physically and mentally healthy through each step of the process.

Why It’s Important

Mental health counseling is one aspect of our practice that ensures women are mentally and emotionally prepared for their procedure. We also provide the necessary resources and guidance from highly-trained therapists who can provide counseling after the procedure.

An awareness of how plastic surgery can affect mental health is important going into the procedure. With our guidance, we can provide the tools and resources you need to promote optimal mental and emotional health through each stage of plastic surgery.

Understanding Post-Surgery Depression

Many women who undergo plastic surgery are blindsided by the post-surgery depression that follows. Post-surgery depression is real and affects up to 75% of patients who undergo plastic surgery. Our goal is to bring more awareness to the reality of post-surgery depression and take the necessary steps to prevent it.

We can provide women with the resources to recover from post-surgery depression and meet with a therapist who can guide and support them as they walk through and heal from this process. Having a trained professional who can listen to your concerns and respond appropriately will make you feel less alone during the process and promote your ultimate recovery.

How It Works

As one of the key components of our treatment plans, mental health counseling goes hand-in-hand with our other services. Our goal is to help women achieve optimal physical health before their procedure so that they can enter into surgery as healthy as possible, which will ensure a quick and successful recovery. We also take proactive steps to make sure that women understand what it will take to maintain the results of their procedure long-term.

While the physical side of prepping for plastic surgery is extremely important, so is the mental and emotional side. Just like you must be physically healthy before and after a procedure to ensure the best possible recovery and outcome, so too must you be balanced and mentally and emotionally healthy.

Our Resources

One of the ways that we provide women with the resources necessary to achieve and maintain optimal mental and emotional health before and after plastic surgery is by arranging therapy sessions with trained and experienced therapists of all different backgrounds. Our goal is to make sure that patients from all walks of life can have their needs met and receive the mental health counseling that’s right for them.

When you choose Pop Recovery Systems to help prepare you for your plastic surgery procedure, you’ll be provided with the mental health counseling you need, performed by trained therapists who can discuss your current emotional or mental state, help you work through any concerns or issues you’re dealing with, and then reconvene with you after your procedure to ensure that you are mentally and emotionally recovering well.

Techniques To Support Mental Health

Aside from matching women with the right therapists who can meet their needs, we can accommodate those who prefer different mental health counseling techniques, including hypnotherapy, tapping, and reiki, among others. Our mental health therapists and coaches have decades of combined experience and work as a team to cross-coach when necessary to provide each woman with exactly what she needs before and after the procedure.

Once we learn more about what you need, we can provide you with a therapist who can use the necessary techniques to support, maintain, or improve your mental and emotional health before and after your procedure.

Preparing Your Caretaker for the Recovery Process

Not only do we help women achieve optimal mental and emotional health before their procedures, but we also take steps to prepare their caretakers and provide them with the necessary tools to support the patient’s emotional and mental health after the procedure.

When your caretaker is involved in the process and understands how plastic surgery could potentially impact your mental and emotional health, they will be better equipped to serve you during this time, understand what you’re going through, and take the necessary steps to promote emotional and mental healing as well as physical healing.

Who Is It Right For?

Mental health counseling is key to preparing for and recovering from plastic surgery. All women undergoing reconstructive plastic surgery, necessary plastic surgery, or elective plastic surgery are good candidates for this aspect of our program. One of the goals of plastic surgery is to help women feel more confident about their bodies, and it’s hard to enjoy your results when your physical, mental, or emotional health is suffering.

Why Mental Health Counseling Matters

Your physical health is important, but your mental and emotional health is just as important. We take great care to ensure that this aspect of your health is never overlooked, which is why we place such a heavy emphasis on ensuring each woman has the support and guidance from a trained professional before and after their procedure.

Even if you feel like you are mentally and emotionally healthy beginning this process, it’s important to be proactive and take extra steps to support your mental health.

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We want you to feel your most confident in your skin after your procedure, which is why we will take every step to ensure that you are physically, emotionally, and mentally prepared before, during, and after your procedure. If you want to learn more about what we do, our services, and how we can help you have an exceptional plastic surgery experience, we can schedule a complimentary consultation to give you more details.

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